With 18 weeks in the books here are the NFL Power Rankings headed into the post season.

32. Indianapolis Colts (9-8) – Lost to the worst team in the NFL in front of a stadium full of clowns with the playoffs on the line. This is their punishment for the week.

31. New York Giants (4-13) – Why are the Giants ranked behind Jacksonville? One of them has a quarterback, the other does not.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-14) – I don’t think Titan fans have ever been so excited about a Jacksonville victory.

29. New York Jets (4-13) – As I look forward to 2022 and at the Jets I find it virtually impossible to think I will not be picking them last in their division once again.

28. Carolina Panthers (5-12) – Man fans want Matt Rhule’s blood. I get it, but until they fix the QB situation Lombardi isn’t fixing that mess.

27. Houston Texans (4-13) – I do not know if David Culley is the answer, but I do know this, he is not the problem. If he is fired it’s simply misdirection by management to get fans fixated on something else.

26. Detroit Lions (3-13-1) – Should a team be optimistic about next year after winning only 3 games. I think Detroit actually has a couple of reasons to be.

25. Chicago Bears (6-11) – Nagy and Pace are out, the only question I’ve got is can the next two guys find offensive linemen and coach them?

24. Atlanta Falcons (7-10) – It’s good to hear Arthur Smith backing up Matt Ryan for next year, because he doesn’t have a choice. His dead cap number is $40-million.

23. Washington Football Team (7-10) – They face the biggest question there is, who is the quarterback next season?

22. Denver Broncos (7-10) – Vic Fangio is out but it does not matter who they hire with Teddy B and Drew Locke at QB. They are 7-10 to 9-8 quarterbacks.

21. Seattle Seahawks (7-10) – One of the most fascinating teams in the league headed into the offseason. Is Russell Wilson back? Is Pete Carroll? Are both of them?

20. Cleveland Browns (8-9) – I understand Baker Mayfield was not good last season, I also know he was hurt, so I might give him a chance to get healthy and see if he can rebound unless they go for a big move like a Rusell Wilson or an Aaron Rodgers.

19. Minnesota Vikings (8-9) – Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. This grenade blew up the head coach and the GM. By the way, the GM is a Saluki so I can not support this decision.

18. Baltimore Ravens (8-9) – Just have to get healthy, reload and give it another run.

17. Miami Dolphins (9-8) – So does firing Brian Flores simply mean they are behind Tua all the way and want someone else who they feel will get more out of him?

16. New Orleans Saints (9-8) – I without question think Mike Vrabel is the NFL Coach of the Year, but Sean Payton should absolutely be in the discussion for what he did with another disasterous injury situation.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-7-1) – I would have loved to have been in the room with some of the Steelers as that Chargers/Raiders game unfolded. They might be the least feared team in the playoffs.

14. Philadelphia Eagles (9-8) – Nice rally against absolutely no one. Their strength of victory is the lowest among playoff teams at .350 and it isn’t even close. All 9 victories came against teams who missed the playoffs. I would move them down if I thought Big Ben could convert a pass beyond 3 yards.

13. Los Angeles Chargers (9-8) – Same old underachieving Chargers, but OMG is Justin Herbert a star.

12. Las Vegas Raiders (10-7) – So what’s up with Mariota’s beard? He’s got to get thing under control.

11. New England Patriots (10-7) – Anyone? Anyone? They are who I told you they are. Well coached average team.

10. Arizona Cardinals (11-6) – The great Lou Holtz told me once, “Car is in the ditch, who’s going to get out and push!?” That’s the question for the Cardinals who are 4-6 in their last 10.

9. San Francisco (10-7) – Look out for the pride of Blackman! Jauaun Jennings with 2 TD’s!!!

8. Los Angeles Rams (12-5) – I without question feel like when the Rams lose in the playoffs everyone will be looking at Matt Stafford.

7. Cincinnati Bengals (10-7) – How healthy is Joe Burrow? That’s what everyone is wondering.

6. Dallas Cowboys (12-5) – If they go 1 and done will they fire Mike McCarthy?

5. Buffalo Bills (11-6) – They appear to be getting things together, but they are not the well oil machined I expected (I picked them to go to the Super Bowl before the season).

4. Tampa Bay Bucs (13-4) – Sure Tom Brady has 5,316 yards and 42 touchdowns, but have you seen former Pearl-Cohn star Ke’Shawn Vaughn!? 2 TD’s in the last 3 weeks! Go Firebirds!!!

3. Kansas City Chiefs (12-5) – Anybody else stunned to see them struggle in Denver like that? They’re 9-1 since they lost in Nashville.

2. Tennessee Titans (12-5) – I feel like the defibrillator is starting to beep on Anthony Firkser and it is picking up steam! I think the presence of Brown & Jones has a huge affect on him. He had two clutch, tough catches in that win in Houston.Oh, by the way have you heard Derrick Henry is back?

1. Green Bay Packers (13-4) – Unquestionably the team to beat. Aaron Rodgers has been in this position before, is this is his last post season run with the Pack?