Titans go down to the Patriots 36-13…

This game was what it was, but here are some thoughts.

1. They had a chance – I was shocked to see how much of a chance to actually win this game. I was not “awed” or “blown away” by the Patriots at all. They gashed them for over 200 yards rushing with Dontrell Hilliard and D’Onta Foreman!!! If the Titans take care of the ball, make kicks, hit open receivers they very well walk out with a win which is crazy to think about. I just say this, because those were all things they controlled.

2. Ryan Tannehill – No, I’m not blaming him for the loss, but 93 yards? Not good enough. I don’t know if Chester Rogers in the wrong spot or Tannehill just missed him on 3rd and 4 but I thought that was the most important play of the game. They could have led 13-10 in the 2nd.

3. Juice – Dontrell Hilliard’s got it and that’s why Adrian Peterson was waived. That 68 yard TD might be a 12 yard run for Peterson.

4. Slippery fingers – Dontrell Hilliard’s got them. 2 fumbles in 2 weeks, that’s why Peterson was getting the ball at the goal and late.

5. Are you kidding me? – I’m still livid about that blow TD call where Vrabel had to challenge to get the 7 points on the board. NWI clearly went into the end zone without being touched, I don’t care if he hit the ground, this isn’t college!!! The fact that no other refs fixed the call and then the replay official didn’t chime made this an extremely inept moment. Vrabel had every right to be cheesed.

6. Find the hole – 3rd and goal from the 4, D’Onte Foreman goes behind Rodger Saffold for 2 yards. The very next play Tannehill gets picked off on 4th down. 4th down should never have happened, Foreman cut right when he should have cut left, if he had he could have walked in. Look, I am not smart enough to tell you what he was “supposed to do”, but Taylor Lewan walled off the onside of the telling me he was clearly supposed to run outside of the left tackle. Had he done it he could have sat down and hopped up and down on his hiney into the end zone.

7. Turnovers – 9 in two weeks. No amount of injuries make this OK.

8. Turnovers Part 2 – The defense has not forced any in 2 weeks. No amount of injuries makes this OK.

9. Gotta have it – Another miss for the Titans, down 16-13 in 3rd quarter, yes, the second half!!! Dylan Cole had a pick 6 hit him in the hands and he dropped it. Yes, he played it well, congratulations, but being a linebacker is not an excuse for dropping it. Game changing plays do not come around often, when they present themselves they have to be made. They could have had the lead had he made that play. Dropped INT’s are a MASSIVE pet peave of mine.

10. Tired – Sloppy, poor tackling, yeah they looked mentally tired.

11. Smash & Dash 2.0 – Hilliard and Foreman were the first Titan teammates to go over 100 yards in a game for the first time since Chris Johnson and LenDale White did it.

12. The Patriots – They made the plays to win the game, but I was not blown away by this team like the National Media will portray them this week. I think a healthy Titans team rolls to victory. That’s not sour grapes, that’s my opinion. I have no grapes in this battle. All of my sour grapes are saved for my disapointment with the Bears.

13. Kendrick Bourne – My apologies. I spend too much time trashing Bourne, he made several nice plays today. Congrats.