Titans take down the Colts in a thriller 34-31 in OT to take a commanding lead in the AFC South.

My thoughts…

  1. Tough sledding – The Titans force fed Derrick Henry into heavy boxes over and over and over and he wound up with 28 carries for 68 yards… A whopping 2.4 per carry. I get it. He needs the ball because he can break the big one at any time and you still have to give it to him to set up play action, I’m just saying utilize that play action a little more often. I had Henry for 15 carries of 2 yards or less, that’s a lot of running into a wall and it will take a toll on him. He’s carried 57 times the last two weeks for only 154 yards. I believe the next chess move is on Todd Downing to loosen up defenses for Henry, getting Julio Jones healthy would certainly help.
  2. The Mayor – Kevin Byard is one of my all-time favorites and he’s having another great year. He was called for pass interference the closing seconds setting up the Colts for a game tying TD. Instead of pouting about it, he got up and made a play picking Wentz to set the Titans up for the game winning field goal. No hanging of the head, just going to back to work and making plays.
  3. More on Byard – One of my great frustrations is when defensive backs drop interceptions and people say “well that’s why he plays defense!” I hate that! You have to make that play, turnovers are the biggest game changing plays in football and they have to be seized. I do not believe I’ve ever seen Byard drop an interception. If he gets his hands on it, he’s catching it. 22 career picks, 4 this season and on his way to the Pro Bowl and possible All Pro again.
  4. Tight End Day part 2 – Last Sunday was “National Tight End Day” but for some reason today the Titans did what they have not done all year. They dedicated one drive to the tight ends. Down 14-0 Ryan Tannehill led the Titans down the field to get on the board and completed all 5 of his passes on that drive to the Titans 3 tight ends. Geoff Swaim finished it with a 6 yard TD. They were pretty quiet the rest of the day.
  5. What can Brown do for you? – I said it last week, Derrick Henry is the Titans MVP, but AJ Brown is the guy who takes this offense from good to great. He was a monster!!! He caught his first pass in the 2nd quarter, it went 57 yards for a touchdown and after that there was no stopping him. Not only did he catch 10 passes for 155 yards, he did it on 11 targets. Take that in comparison to Michael Pittman Jr. who also caught 10 passes today but needed 15 targets to do it. That’s not bad, but Brown’s numbers dominant.
  6. Surprised, not surprised – Carson Wentz came into this game with only 1 interception, but that does not mean he has completely locked up his ball security. If you watched him last week at San Francisco you saw him flip the ball carelessly several times and get away with balls that should of or at least could have been picked off. So when he inexplicably flipped into a jumbled mess of Titans and Colts it was par for the course. This time he did not get away with it though and it was an easy pick 6 for the rookie Elijah Molden who is giving up some plays sometimes but still has a way of making plays.
  7. I got one! – Every week on TN Nation we make our fantasy football picks of the week. I’ve had a rough year, but I still stand by my picks! This week I had Michael Pittman Jr. as my start of the week, 2 TD’s in the first quarter, victory is mine!
  8. The big play – I always love finding the not so obvious play that won the game. For me it was this one. Colts led 14-0 in the 1st quarter and faced 4th and 3 at the Titans 40. What do you do in that situation? You punt the ball!!! Frank Reich and the Colts though can see the AFC South getting away from them and in their desperation to win Sunday decided to roll the dice and go for it and try to go up 3 scores. Instead Carson Wentz thru a horrific pass missing Pittman by about 2.3 miles giving the Titans the ball at midfield. Tennessee seized the opportunity, got on the board and got rolling. To me, it was just too aggressive, too risky with things going that well.
  9. Big Play Part 2 – For others I’m sure this was the big play. With the Titans down 14-7, Ryan Tannehill threw his second terrible interception of the day. Under pressure he threw a duck into the middle of the field and it was picked off by Tyquan Lewis, but that’s when the Titans got the break of the century… Or at least the afternoon. Lewis hurt his knee running with the ball, fell down and fumbled. Anthony Firkser fell on it and just like that it was 1st down Titans. The VERY NEXT play saw AJ Brown go 57 yards to tie the game at 14-14, it was a massive swing.
  10. Gonna need a bigger boat – For all that money the Titans will have to pay Harold Landry to keep him. Sack #8.5 today and he also made a great play punching the ball away from Carson Wentz on a scramble.
  11. Bold strategy – The Colts best offensive play seems to be sending receivers deep and having Carson Wentz massively under throw them. The receiver then puts on the air breaks like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, but instead of the defenders flying right by them, the defenders run into the receivers and draw 40 yard penalties. If that’s what the Colts need to win it’s going to be a long year. There is no question the calls were the right calls, I am not contesting that. I just cringe at the thought of Wentz being “rewarded” for bad throws.
  12. Top Dogs – I always say “nobody puts Vrabel in a corner”. Here are the facts, the Titans have reeled off 3 upsets in a row and now have won 17 times as an underdog since Mike Vrabel took over. This team rallies to the moment and truely believes it can beat anyone anywhere, I will officially say it today, if they can put enough healthy bodies on the field the rest of the way this team is dangerous.