Titans survive the Saints 23-21 in a game that looked almost exactly like I expected.

My thoughts…

1. 6 in a row – I don’t care who it’s against or where winning 6 in the NFL is not an easy feet. Now throw in 5 straight over playoff teams and you have something special. Enjoy this streak they do not happen often!

2. Running On Empty – The Titans are 2-0 without Derrick Henry they are also struggling to run the football. In those two games they have rushed for 65 and 69 yards and that certainly is not good enough but we also have to consider that the Rams and Saints might be the two best run defenses in the NFL.

3. Running backs Part 2 – I still think D’Onta Foreman is showing the most “juice” for the Titans out of the backfield. He just seems to have more burst than Adrian Peterson at this point. I’m not saying to give up on Peterson, but at this point Foreman deserves to be the lead dog. I did think Peterson had one of his best runs late in the game when he hit a hole decisively for about a 6 yard gain.

4. Sack Masters – Big Jeff was at it again. He had 2 sacks giving him 5 sacks over 6 quarters!! That’s incredible because 5 sacks is what he had his first two seasons combined. Harold Landry also had a sack giving him double figures for the first time in his career. Landry has 10 and Simmons is not far behind at 7.

5. No Titans team has ever had 2 players top 10 sacks and the last time the organization did it was the 1993 Oilers with Sean Jones (13) and WIlliam Fuller (10). Those dudes were realllllly good.5. Sick QB – Ryan Tannehill didn’t look great after the game and he revealed he didn’t feel great. Tannehill came down with a “stomach” issue Friday and it was still an issue on Sunday.

6. Marcus! – OK, so it’s not Mariota, but we’ve been waiting for a breakout day from Marcus Johnson and we got it. With Julio Jones out and AJ Brown quiet Johnson had 5 catches for 100 yards and was a weapon in the Titans offense.

7. Speaking of AJ – 1 catch for 17 yards will not cut it. Tannehill said after the game he didn’t realize Brown had only 1 catch and did seem a little concerned when I told him. With Jones out Brown has to be a dominant player every week or this offense is going to struggle to put points on the board.

8. Saluki Pride – Another TD for SIU great MyCole Pruitt. He’s just a big, hairy touchdown machine. That’s not just his 3rd TD of the season, it’s his 3rd TD in the last 4 games.

9. One more TE post – Is it time to give up on Anthony Firkser. Sometimes life is a lot easier as the second banana. Playing behind Delanie Walker and Jonnu Smith Firkser was able to flourish. With the pressure on this season he has been a total disappointment. Today he had 2 penalties and he has just 13 catches for 110 yards the entire season.

10. Make a play – Who knew who Dylan Cole was before blasted Deontay Harris to open the 2nd half? He was elevated from the practice squad and played a huge role in the Titans winning that game. With the ability to bring 2 players up every week it’s not a 53 man roster any more, it’s a 69 man roster and the Titans are getting wins because of the contributions they are getting from their practice squad.

11. Tough Trevor – I was really impressed by Trevor Siemian today. Not only did he play much better than I expected, he was tough as nails. He got knocked into next week by Monty Rice one play, I mean SMOKED!!!!! He popped right back up and played on.

12. Red Zone – 2 for 5 in the Red Zone will not get it done.

13. Getting Fat on Randy – Randy Bullock had another perfect day for the Titans, 3 for 3 on FG’s and 2 for 2 on PAT’s, while the Saints missed 2 PAT’s and lost by….. 2 points. Yeah, like it or not, kickers matter.

14. Taking Advantage of Opportunity – The Titans got a short field just before halftime taking over at the 44 and went on to score. Then started the 2nd half with another short field after the fumble and scored their 2nd touchdown. Yep, it’s boring but that is complimentary football and that has to happen to win games. The Saints were a +6 in turnover margin this year and the Titans won the turnover battle today 1-0.

15. Congrats Dez – Dez Fitzpatrick is quite a story. A 4th round pick has a disappointing camp and gets cut, but instead of pouting he works his tail off on the practice squad and gets added to the active roster in week 10. I’m happy and proud for the young man. I look forward to seeing him make a play that helps this team win a game.