Cory Curtis: Final thoughts on Titans 22-13 loss to Houston


Tennessee Titans wide receiver Nick Westbrook-Ikhine (15) is brought down by Houston Texans cornerback Desmond King (25) in the second half of an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 21, 2021, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Mark Zaleski)

Texans take down the Titans 22-13 ending the Titans 6 game win streak.

It’s late and I’m tired, but here are a few thoughts…

1. Not surprising – We’ve all seen it before and we all wondered if we would see it again. This team is still clearly not passed looking over inferior competition. It does not mean they did not prepare and did not care, they just were not on the razors edge they need to be each week.

2. Yeah, the picks are a problem – We have been talking about Ryan Tannehill’s interceptions all season and while some brushed them off they are a problem. 12! Are you kidding me! 12! That’s way too many and if one thing gets under my skin it is first down interceptions. You can not be careless with the ball on first down, down 19-6 Tannehill threw an INT on 1st down with over 11 minutes to play. It just can not happen.

3. 5 turnovers, but wait there’s more! – Yeah, they turned it over 5 times with the 4 Tannehill interceptions and Chester Rogers epic disaster in the punt return game… That is not all though.
Realize this, they had two fourth down fails. That is as good as a turnover in my books and then there was the grounding call before halftime. That was also as good as a turnover and it took 3 points off the board for them. In my books it was a yes…. 8 turnover day. 8!! That’s a snowman!!!!

4. Don’t feel too sorry for the defense – I hear a lot of people saying “well the defense did its part”… Did it? Yeah, they had 4 straight 3 and outs late and they did force a couple of field goals in adverse situations… However… They also surrendered 2 TD’s to an offense that had not scored a road TD since WEEK 2!!! They also failed to sack the quarterback against a team that has given up 26 of them this season. They also failed to create a single turnover on a day they desperately needed one or more. So, yeah, the defense was OK, but it could have and should have been even better.

5. Elijah Molden – I like him, I like him a lot!

6. Are you kidding me? – Yep, more injuries. Looks like we’ve seen the last of Marcus Johnson with his latest hamstring injury. We also saw AJ Brown leave twice, first with a hand injury and then with a chest. The chest injury is more than a little concerning and if he joins Jones and Henry on IR Ryan Tannehill may want to put up the white flag!!!!

7. Kiddie Corps – Yep the Titans were down to 3 healthy wide receivers in Nick Westbrook-Ikhine, Chester Rogers and Dez Fitzpatrick. Fitz had his first career TD and a combat catch on 3rd down to move the chains so good for him. Westbrook had the 1st 100 yard game of his career. I’ll be honest, I never saw him having a 100 yard game his entire career, so he has come a very long way.

8. The grounding call – It was the right call. He was between the tackles and the only receiver in the area was not in the game he was on the sidelines.

9. Total Yards – You will not believe this! The Titans outgained the Texans 420-190… Yeah, that’s how big turnovers are.

10. It’s one game – The sky is not falling, it is disappointing but they have 6 more and there’s probably another clunker or two in there somewhere.

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