Titans take down the Jaguars 20-0 for win #9 this season and finally take care of business against an inferior opponent.

My thoughts…

1. All they do is win, win, win – Win #9 locks up a 6th straight winning season and has them at 99% to make the playoffs according to NBC Sports. That’s impressive for any team, this team did it after winning only 5 games in two years, so it’s quite the turnaround. They will also be making their 4th playoff appearance in 6 years and that doesn’t stink.

2. 21 years!!!??? – Yep, this was the Titans first home shutout since the 2000 season when they beat Anthony Wright and the Cowboys. They have had some really good defenses since then, but it just goes to show how hard it is to pitch a shutout in the NFL. Their last shutout as a team came in December of 2018 at the New York Giants.

3. Bye, bye, bye – Is their anybody after the Bye Week than Mike Vrabel. Some teams look sluggish coming out of the Bye, but Vrabel has led the Titans to 4 wins in 4 seasons after the Bye Week. This game was not sexy but they looked prepared with NO turnovers, only 2 penalties and they tackled extremely well.

4. Pick Party – After not creating a turnover for two weeks the Titans picked off 4 passes in the second half. It was especially exciting to see the linebackers get involved with Rashaan Evans and Jayon Brown both picking off passes.

5. Complimentary Football – OK, 3 points off of those turnovers is not getting it done.

6. There’s a reason -No, the Titans did not want to take any chances today on offense. They knew the Jags were not going to score enough to threaten them without the Titans helping them out. So, the Titans took NO shots down the field and were happy to play close to the vest, punt and play defense.

7. 4 Quarters for Julio – Julio Jones returned from Injured Reserve and caught 4 passes for 33 yards, those are not spectacular numbers, but after a slew of hamstring problems this year playing all 4 quarters was. On top of that Jones told us after the game he had no problems during the game, felt great after the game and was “excited” about the season moving forward for himself and for the team and that’s big news because this team needs him.

8. That’s our QB – When asked about Ryan Tannehill today Mike Vrabel stressed one thing, “we’ve got to take care of him.” Tannehill got sacked 4 more times and several times had NO SHOT to get rid of it or out of the way.

9. Ringing the Register – Sack #11 for Harold Landry and the Titans 2022 salary cap hit is just getting worse and worse!

10. Is that Firkser? – Yes it was! 4 receptions for 34 yards and most important he moved the chains on all of them.

11. Yeah, that really happened – The Titans held the Jaguars to 8 yards rushing on 8 carries. Yeah, it’s hard to believe both! First that the Jags only tried to run it 8 times after James Robinson completely gashed them the first time around. Then they held them to 8 yards!!! Kevin Byard said after the game he was more impressed by that number than the shutout or the 4 interceptions.

12. Jaguar Hunters – Nice to see Rashaan Evans pick up the mantle and where his Jaguar fur (feaux) coat with Wesley Woodyard retired.

13. Did I miss something – There was one play call that just keeps rubbing me the wrong way. The Titans led 7-0 in the 2nd quarter, they had a 3rd and 9 and were already in field goal range and they ran a draw to Jeremy McNicholls for a 5 yard loss. Yeah, it didn’t work so that makes it questionable, but 9 yards is a lot of ground to cover and they were already in field goal range so it was not like they need a couple of yards to play for 3. I hate to question play calling, but I’d like to know what they thought they saw that was going to make that a first down. I kind of like Tannehill to Jones instead.

14. AFC South Champs? – Yeah, they can actually wrap up the division next week if they win in Pittsburgh and the Colts lose to the Patriots. That would be back to back division titles.