Cory Curtis: Does Tom Brady & Nashville make sense? Absolutely!


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) —So, there was a lot of “talk” around Nashville Thursday, with even more rumors and an infinite amount of speculation.

It all centers on a certain quarterback who has 6 Super Bowl rings.

Tom Brady is headed for free agency but is it actually realistic to think he would join the Titans? Yes, yes it is.

First, if Brady is in fact going to leave New England he certainly is only going to do it for a Super Bowl contender.

The Titans went to the AFC Championship game, so you can check that box.

Next, is he going to leave New England and trust just any coach? He has been with the Patriots and Bill Belichick for 20 years, he is not going to just go to someone he does not know or trust to turn in the last two or three years of his career. This is not the NBA were the players control everything, in the NFL the coach matters, it matters a lot.

So, who does he know? Matt Patricia in Detroit, Brian Flores in Miami, both of those teams are horrible. They do not check the first box, so they are not a consideration.

He played against Chargers coach Anthony Lynn when ran the Bills offense. So maybe there is some respect there.

I doubt he has spent much time in Waco or Philly the last few years so I think that rules out new Carolina coach Matt Rhule.

You know where I am going. The guy he knows, I mean REALLLLY knows is Mike Vrabel. They are “boys”. I mean if you saw them together in Nashville it was like a college reunion.

He also got to spend three days in the Titans facility, three days to see how Vrabel and the Titans did things and three days to size up the Titans roster in person.

Vrabel absolutely checks that box better than anyone.

Third, who has an opening? Well, the Titans do. In fact, they made sure they would!!! They went into this season with not one, but two quarterbacks on the last year of their deals!

Sure they were not ready to commit to Marcus Mariota, but when they traded for Ryan Tannehill they could have added another year to that deal.

Two QB’s, neither under contract in 2020. Coincidence? Maybe, but maybe not!

At this point you are probably asking, Cory, what about Tannehill? He just had an awesome year!

Yes, he had a tremendous season but he does not have a few things Brady does. Number one, 6 Super Bowl rings. Number two, 9 Super Bowl appearances. Number three, the drive to show he can win a Super Bowl without Belichick. Number four, and maybe most important the complete faith and respect of the head coach Mike Vrabel.

Let us also talk about something we have not. That is Nissan Stadium and the number of empty seats or seats occupied by opposing fans. They have let enough snipes and comments to let us know it bothers them. An AFC Championship appearance and adding Tom Brady? I always say you do not make moves for tickets and I do not believe that is why you do it, but it would help the Titans bottom line massively.

Last up, does the team have the cap space to add a living legend? The Titans have $51-million in cap space with the ability to free up $18-30-million more depending on how aggressive they get. So yes, check another box for Tennessee.

Does this mean he is stone cold lead pipe lock headed for Music City? No, it does not.

What it does do though is show it makes sense. A lot of sense, for both parties.

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