The NFL season is finallyhere which means I am out of time!!!!

No more procrastinating, it’s time to put in on the line.

My official 2022 NFL Predictions (Yeah, save them, this is bound to age poorly)

Division Winners

NFC East – Dallas Cowboys

NFC South – Tampa Bay Bucs

NFC North – Minnesota Vikings (Yeah, hate the Packers)

NFC West – San Francisco 49ers (Kayla, Anderson told me so!)

AFC East – Buffalo Bills (Easiest pick of the day)

AFC North – Cincinnati Bengals

AFC South – Tennessee Titans

AFC West – Los Angeles Chargers

NFC Wild Cards – Packers, Eagles, Rams

AFC Wild Cards – Ravens, Raiders, Chiefs

Super Bowl – Rams vs. Chargers

NFL MVP – Justin Herbert (Sometimes you just need to be different)

NFL Offensive Player of the Year – Jamarr Chase

NFL Defensive Player of the Year – Jeffery Simmons (Contract Year!)

NFL Comeback Player of the Year – Baker Mayfield

First Coach Fired – Matt Rhule

NFL Coach of the Year – Brandon Staley