Coach’s wife remains Vandy Boys biggest fan


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Maggie Corbin is her husband’s biggest fan.  

“I’m just so impressed with everything he does, everything he does, he gives his all,” said Maggie Corbin.  

That dedication is a big reason why the Vandy Boys have found so much success. 

However, Head Coach Tim Corbin only takes half the credit for this build. 

“We’re a team and that’s how we look at each other,” said Coach Corbin.  

Family is the foundation for this dynamic duo and when the two arrived at Vanderbilt in 2003, Coach Corbin was growing as a stepfather and Maggie wqas about to experience a different type of motherhood.  

“I think in some ways I took on step-parenting when I met her and she took on parenting responsibilities when she met me,” added Coach Corbin.  

“He was talking to different people and I asked if I could get into the stadium by myself and I sat in all the different seats to get a good vibe. I’ve sat in that seat for 17 years,” said Maggie Corbin.  

Over those 17 years, Maggie Corbin has made a tremendous impact on the program.  

“She’s all in. She knows when things are going well more in when they aren’t. She’s that supportive presence,” said Coach Corbin.  

Her commitment to the team is something special. Maggie Corbin makes it to almost every home and away game and you’ll find her at nearly every practice.  

“I prefer coming to practice, that’s more relaxed and fun you can pick up on their personalities.”  

No one appreciates her more than the players.  

“It’s sincere and genuine. It’s not just spoken about. You get here and see her here every day, through rain and shine. It’s refreshing and good to have people here who care,” said Ethan Paul 

“Just her dedicating so much time to us, it makes you feel comfortable as a player here. It makes you feel like you’re really looked after,” said Julian Infante.  

While finding balance can be tricky at times, the Corbins have found a way to make it work.  

“When it comes to handling the boys, she knows there is not too much give with me, I think what she’s allowed is for me to bend a little bit,” said Coach Corbin.  

“A lot of times parenting styles are a little different, ours are different but they work together,” added Maggie Corbin.  

It’s all those little things they’ve planted in the program overtime that has helped grow it into what it is today.  

“I think that it just shows to the care level that as Corbs and Maggie, they take this as a team and they’re working together,” added Paul. 

“We love the fact that they want us to be part of their lives and we stay part of their lives,” said Maggie Corbin.  

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