Bowden Francis knocking on big league door, finding peace in the process


Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- Getting the call up, it’s a moment every baseball player dreams of, including Nashville Sounds pitcher Bowden Francis.

But instead of putting his focus on the future, he is living in the present, soaking in every pitch, every moment on the mound.

“I’ve always been just a humble, grateful person,”said Bowden. “I just look at life so special.”

And that’s not any easy mindset to maintain considering the minor league ladder is difficult to climb, but he has stuck with this approach after learning early on that life is not always controllable.

Bowden said, “She battled for nine years, something we saw coming slowly.”

He spent most of his childhood, hoping his mother Joanna would win her fight against breast cancer, but in 2014, she passed away.

“I lost her going into Senior year going into high school, that’s when I got college interest, and when she left we had a connection and felt like it was right to play for her,” added Bowden.

The Tallahassee native, named after the legendary Bobby Bowden, turned down a chance to play baseball at Florida State, and decided it was best to go the junior college route.

“I committed to Chipola because it was like an extended high school almost it wasn’t a big D, where I felt like I was the freshman on campus. It was just an hour away from Tallahassee so I felt it was a perfect fit,” said Bowden.

And it was, in 2017, Bowden was selected by the Milwaukee Brewers, in the seventh round of the MLB Draft. Over the next five years, he’d use his mother’s words to guide him through the grind.

“She’d say go out and be yourself, no conforming or worrying about what people are thinking about you,” said Bowden. “I think in the minor leagues you can make it what you want it to be.”

Now at just 25-years-old he is thriving in Triple A, knocking on the big league door.

Bowden added, “I’m growing each year, I’m getting better and I love it.”

There are no guarantees, but Bowden is confident he’ll be on a major league mound soon, for right now he continues to embrace the now.

“I just breathe and say I’m happy where my feet are. I feel her all the time and that is special.”

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