PHILADELPHIA, PA. (WKRN) – Former Titans wide receiver A.J. Brown spoke to Philadelphia media for the first time since he was traded to the Eagles on night one of the NFL Draft.

He showed up to the press conference in a mint-green suit with his young daughter in tow.

Brown said last week was “bittersweet” when he was traded from the team who drafted him in the second round of the 2019 NFL draft and then subsequently signed a four-year $100 million extension with the Eagles.

“I just wanted my work to be appreciated, that’s pretty much it.”

Brown said he learned of the possibility of a trade around 1 p.m. on Thursday.

“Just mixed emotions when it worked out. I was a little sad that the Titans were on board with the trade, but it’s a part of the business and that’s fine. Once everything got done and the trade went through and Jalen (Hurts) called me, it made it a lot easier. It’s been bittersweet,” said Brown.

The receiver entering his fourth year declined to go into detail when asked if he requested a trade from the Titans, as reported by ESPN’s Dianna Russini.

“I’m going to try not to get into all that. I’m not going to look backwards, I’m going to look forwards. And, like I said, I’m excited.”

All in all, Brown said there is no ill will toward his former team.

“They’re just sorry it couldn’t work out, it’s a business and things happen and you move on. I appreciate the Titans for everything they did for me and the people down there. I have no bad blood with the Titans.”

The Titans and Eagles will meet in the 2022 season. The date and time for the match-up will be announced on May 12.