Young woman’s murder remains mystery after body found at Nashville trash facility

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Twenty-five-year-old Ashley Brown had just moved to Nashville as part of a travel nurse program and was a surgical technician when she was murdered.  

After a night out with new friends, she followed them back to an apartment at the Park Central building, near Centennial Park.  

She left the apartment to have a cigarette around 4 a.m. on December 17, 2017. 

Brown was found four days later at a South Nashville trash site. She had been beaten and strangled.  

It is unclear if the murderer lived at Park Central, killed her inside an apartment and then dumped her body down a trash chute or if the killed may have been walking or driving by as Brown was outside smoking and then placed her in the apartment building’s dumpster.  

If you have information about Ashley Brown’s murder and want to help police, call Matt FIlters at 615-862-7329

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