It’s a cold case that’s haunted Sumner County investigators for more than a decade – a wife and mother missing for more than 15 years. 

“In the back of your mind, you’re always wondering, ‘Where did she go?’” said William Thomerson. 

Every year is a painful reminder of the last time William saw his then-wife, 42-year-old Brandee Thomerson, a mother of four. 

“Everybody loved her,” he said. “She was fun to be around.” 

The couple owned The Iron Skillet Restaurant in Portland, Tennessee. 

In March 2003, William went to pick her up one night, but she wasn’t there. 

“The door was locked,” he recalled. 

He said he thought nothing of it at first. 

William said Brandee disappeared all the time, as she struggled with drugs and alcohol. 

She also had bipolar disorder. 

“Just an addictive personality, her behavior she couldn’t control,” William explained. 

 But after being gone for days, her family reported her missing. 

Investigators still have no new leads. 

“When you don’t have answers, it’s as disheartening for me as it is for the family members,” said Detective Eddie Cripps with Sumner County Sheriff’s Office. 

Cripps said a friend told detectives Brandee left with a man after getting off work at the restaurant and got into a champagne-colored truck. 

The driver of that truck dropped Brandee off at a motel on Dickerson Road in Nashville, according to Cripps. 

“Different motels were searched, rooms were searched,” Cripps said. 

No one has seen her since and a year later, the case went cold.  

“It’s frustrating because we want to find out what happened,” Cripps said. 

And so does William who, at first, said he was treated like a suspect. 

“I would get visits and phone calls and polygraph tests,” he recalled. “You walk in, people look at you; they’re whispering, pointing.” 

William said he doesn’t think Brandee is still alive, but he’s holding on to the hope that someone will have information to crack the case. 

“An anonymous phone call, a text, anything would be helpful,” he said. 

Anyone with information is asked to call the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office at 615-452-2616