NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Chris Koch has been a Tennessee Titans fan since he was a kid.

“That 98/99 season, I was at a Sam & Andy’s with a couple of Buffalo Bills fans during The Music City Miracle as a child and just rooted for them all the way through that heartbreaking super bowl,” said Koch.

He lives in Atlanta now, but he loves his home state team so much, he started The Titans Fan Club of Atlanta.

“When I don’t follow a lot of professional sports, or college sports nowadays, I still follow the Titans,” said Koch.

But that’s typically at a restaurant or a bar. When he goes in person to the stadium, he’s very aware of the prices and watches his spending.

He attends once or twice a season, and typically picks a less in-demand game. That goes for the seat too.

“Anything within the lower bowl is not within our price range anymore.” Koch continued, “A lot of times we have to look at what are the games that a lot of people are traveling in to see it, and we have to mark those off immediately because we know that the price is going to be too high for me.”

Steve Reed is an economist with the Bureau of Labor Statistics. He said it’s not your imagination – ticket prices to sporting events have recently jumped.

“The current 12 months change is 4.4%, which means we are saying ticket prices are 4.4% higher than they were in April ’22,” said Reed. “More people are willing to spend money to go to games, the more sort of income they have to spend on leisure, that’s going to push prices up.”

Betway Insider studied the price increases for all the NFL teams. They forecast that by 2025 the Las Vegas Raiders will be the most expensive team to watch. A family of four would potentially be forking over $2,253.03 for tickets, parking, food and drink; $771.31 for an individual to do the same.

“There definitely was a more affordable time, I believe,” said Koch.

The Titans are forecasted to jump too, according to Betway, up to $376.23 per person.

No matter the price, Koch still bleeds blue. Even though, he would like to see lower prices in an effort to bring in more fans.

“There’s a huge swath of this middle market of fan that are going to be louder, that have been with you longer, and they want to bring their kids to the game and bring more people to the game that I think you can tap into and really see benefits to your business in the long term,” said Koch.

You can see where your favorite NFL team ranks with ticket prices by clicking here.