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It should have been a day just like any other for 71-year-old Teddy Cook. 

The retiree was working his part-time job at a Clarksville laundromat on May 30, but three teenagers later showed up. 

They robbed him and beat him so badly, he died from his injuries. 

Two of the attackers are 14-years-old, the third is just 13. The level of serious crime being committed by younger teens is astounding. 

News 2 Special: Kid Crime Wave digs deeper into felony offenses being committed by juveniles 15 and younger. 

We’ll shed light on why it’s happening and what’s being done about it. 

Stories featured included: 

Statistics show juvenile crime starting at younger age

Longtime Metro officer weighs in on teen violence

What is Rutherford County doing to get handle on juvenile crime?

Experts: Understanding risk factors could be 1st step in deterring juvenile crime

Police: Crimes involving juveniles under 15 declining in Clarksville

Middle Tenn. woman works to save children from life she once knew

Are changes to the juvenile justice system working to combat kid crime?

Victim feels compassion for boy who tried to carjack her

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