NASHVILLE, Tenn. ( WKRN) – Jobs available, welcomed news published in the Middle Tennessee Workforce Study by the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.

“We have an unemployment rate in Middle Tennessee of 3.9%. So, that’s considered full employment. What full employment means is anyone who’s capable, or wants a job, should be able to find one,” says Chief Talent Development Officer for the Chamber, Stephanie Coleman.

She keeps a close eye on industry trends in our area and says there are five sectors in need of employees right now.

“Health care is definitely up there,” explains Coleman.

Nashville is known as the health care capital and generates roughly $84 billion in global revenue annually. It’s this area’s top industry, growing at a rate of more than 11% locally, which is faster than the national average.

“Even before the pandemic, we had a shortage of nurses and a shortage of other health care providers and that has continued,” Coleman says.

Tech opportunities are also taking over. With the likes of Amazon and Oracle changing the landscape, there’s never been a better time to try tech.

“When you think about technology, it’s not just an industry in and of itself. It really filters through every other industry.” For example, Coleman continues, “Automotive is huge in Middle Tennessee and advance manufacturing is huge.”

And there’s an opportunity to sell those products outside of the region, which still brings dollars back to Nashville.

“So the exponential opportunity, job growth, [and] economic growth is really apparent within that advanced manufacturing segment,” says Coleman.

Next on the list involves big business. “We are also looking to recruit corporate operations or business services because of those high-wage jobs.”

Think positions that keep major companies operating Coleman says, “Back office, corporate operations, headquarters, legal, [and] accounting.”

Last on the list is entertainment and hospitality which is Nashville’s #2 industry.

“It’s also our brand,” explains Coleman, “So, that’s why it’s so critical to make sure that music, entertainment, and hospitality have the supports that they need to be successful because it makes us who we are.”