NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Searching for a piece of the past and places left abandoned in Tennessee is no easy price to pay. But for Aiden Scruggs, the payoff is worth it. 

“Having people have interest in my photos, it makes me happy, makes me enjoy photo taking,” he told News 2.

Scruggs, whose photography brand goes by the name Mystery Seekers, landed in Tennessee six months ago.

He has quickly found popularity in the Facebook group, Abandoned Tennessee, because of his raw, unfiltered approach to finding the most hidden places.

“Sometimes I go on Google Maps, and I just find like, I’ll just zoom in on a property, or a house, and see what looks abandoned or what looks out of place,” he said.

The California native is just getting started. 

(Photo courtesy of Mystery Seekers/Aiden Scruggs)

Some of his favorite photos include an abandoned Subway and gas station in Hurricane Mills.

Based on the conditions inside, that place hasn’t served foot-long subs in quite some time. 

The Lee-Buckner Schoolhouse in Spring Hill was a more historical find for Scruggs.

Lee-Buckner Schoolhouse in Spring Hill (Photo courtesy of Mystery Seekers/Aiden Scruggs)

Shortly after the Civil War, freed slaves would build schools and churches in hopes of creating a better future. This was one of them. 

Finding these hidden places is no easy task and Scruggs said sometimes it can be quite spooky. 

“There’s a haunted hospital in Memphis, and I have to come at least six times to the location because I kept getting scared and running off,” he said.

Seven times was the charm, as he finally snapped photos of the hospital in Memphis. 

Scruggs’ passion doesn’t go unnoticed. Other members of the Facebook group enjoy his photos too.

Recently diagnosed with cancer, Sarah commented that she can no longer explore abandoned places, but it’s contributors like Scruggs that allow her to get close to pieces of history. 

“For me to be able to post and for them to experience it, too, is kind of cool,” he said.

Through the thrill of it all, Scruggs said he’s excited to find the next hidden treasure to share with a group he’s found such a belonging to.