‘Call it in’: Troopers beg people to report aggressive drivers

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s a problem most Middle Tennesseans encounter daily – a driver weaving in and out of traffic seemingly with no regard for others.

News 2 was with one state trooper who was in a marked vehicle as he clocked a driver speeding at 123mph.

And if that hasn’t shocked you, maybe the experience inside a trooper’s unmarked car will.

News 2 traveled with Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Drew Heath in a loop around Nashville looking for aggressive drivers.

Aggression on the asphalt hits a new level when troopers disguise themselves from drivers.

As Heath pointed the radar gun to catch speeders he said, “That’s what we’re out here trying to prevent.” The radar gun beeped, “Put a marker at 120mph on first car, then at 115 on the second car.” A clear disregard for the speed limit.

But, those weren’t the only cars zig-zagging by speeding. “You could see him changing lanes, more erratic driving, high rate of speed.”

Heath continued as he laughed, “He was using a signal light, so that’s a good point, but just because you’re using your signal light doesn’t mean you can travel in excess of 100 mph.”

Soon after, a driver going about 115mph turned his aggression towards Heath and News 2.

“That guy, who got behind me, riding my bumper, he had no idea I was a cop until my lights came on.”

In situations like that, when a car is used as a deadly weapon, the driver gets slapped with more than a speeding ticket. They could also face a charge of following too close or even reckless endangerment, which is a class ‘E’ felony that could mean jail time. Plus, they could face a fine of more than $600.

Heath said that’s the kind of action he sees happening more and more. So he’s pleading for the public’s help to report aggressive drivers.

“It does matter,” Heath said, “with that person calling in, it may save someone’s life.”

News 2 digs deeper into the dangers posed by aggressive drivers and what cops are doing about it in our special reports ‘Aggressive Drivers’ on-air and on WKRN.com.

Simply call THP and explain to them what you have observed. You can find a list of THP numbers in your area by clicking on this link.

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