In Tennessee, more women than men admitted to hospitals for opioids

Tennessee's Opioid Crisis

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Here in Tennessee, we are dealing with a unique problem. More women than men are being admitted for opioid-related hospitalizations– the opposite of the national trend where more men are hospitalized.

At a luncheon Thursday, several women shared their personal battles with addiction.

A woman who asked us to refer to her as Vicki B. shared her journey in recovery. She has battled opioid addiction for 38 years after slipping and falling one rainy October day.

At the time, she was working as banking executive. A doctor prescribed her pain pills and that is how her addiction began.

“I splintered both bones in my right leg. Which was three surgeries, 14 screws and three plates. So that was the ticket to any pain clinic and I used that because once you get started on them it is hard to stop,” said Vicki B.MORE: Nashville recovery center focuses on helping women in crisis

“There is no respective person. So we serve women who have a trust fund to women who experience homelessness. It’s all in between and it is taking over our community and we want to say there is hope, there is such hope,” said Linda Leathers, The Next Door CEO.

The Next Door has helped more than one-thousand women dealing with addiction this past year and will serve an additional three-hundred women before the year is over.

“There is a way out. When you are in that place, you are so desperate. It is so easy just to throw your hands up and give up, but there is a way out and life on the other side of addiction is beautiful. I am so blessed today,” said Tiffany Carr, who shared her journey to recovery at the luncheon.

For more information on the Next Door, visit their website.

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