After more than 20 people died in Middle Tennessee from what’s believed to be a bad batch of dope, the state medical examiner is issuing a warning to alert the public. 

No community is immune — that includes Gallatin, where authorities are proactively investigating overdoses. 

Last week, Gallatin saw four overdoses. Two people died. One man was 40. The other was 32. They had nothing in common except, police say, it appears they overdosed on possibly-tainted drugs. 

Because of the drug problem, Gallatin officers, like many jurisdictions, are now armed with life-saving Narcan. Officers used it 15 times so far this year — but twice last week. 

The two men died from what officers now believe could have been heroin tainted with fentanyl. Police are also investigating if the drugs came from the same shipment that possibly entered the region from Mexico and then disseminated to cities around Nashville like Gallatin.

“That’s a very plausible possibility,” said Lt. Lamar Ballard. “Once we start a death investigation, our goal is to go after who is responsible.”

Last year Gallatin Police convicted two drug dealers with murder after officials learned they sold the drugs that ended up killing the people who overdosed on them.