TDOT workers recall dangers of working during winter weather

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Tennessee Department of Transportation crews always have great stories from the road.  Sam Tucker, a veteran worker of 25 years, says it best.

“You never know what you are going to run across and what time you are going to do it.”

Between he and Roy Longnecker, they have 40 years of experience and some of it has been scary at times. Roy recalled a time on Vietnam Veterans Parkway when he thought he better go check the bridges.

“When I started across the bridge my truck actually broke loose and I hit the side of the bridge part. The road conditions could change so quick just in elevation.”

They also both state that a shift in the wind can drop the air temperatures quickly leading to icy conditions. They do have a state of the art trucks with a special air & road temperature sensor to keep track.

Of course, they monitor bridges and overpasses first since they tend to freeze fast. Their best advice to drivers is to slow down and give the plows the right of way.

As Roy says, “Most of the time, whoever passes you going really fast you will pass them again in a ditch.”

The News 2 StormTracker team is taking a closer look at new plans and upgraded tools for winter weather preparedness. See special reports all day Wednesday, Nov. 13th in every newscast.

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