He’s the Titans biggest personality on the field, and now he’s the highest paid player in team history.  

Five years, and $80 million. It’s the biggest contract ever for an offensive lineman in the NFL and the biggest contract in Titans’ team history.  

While Taylor Lewan is now set for life, the money doesn’t change a thing for a guy who’s been to the Pro Bowl the last three straight seasons.  

“I can’t blow things out of proportion. I just have to keep doing what I’ve been doing,” he said. “That’s just trying to be the best left tackle, whatever comes with that comes with that, but the goal still stays the same and that’s to be the best left tackle.”  

The road has not been easy for the Titans’ first-round pick in 2014. A couple of losing seasons out of the gate had him questioning his life in the NFL until everything changed three years later.  

“I’m in the NFL two years and I won five games, and I’m sitting there, and I actually remember calling Michael Roos, and I was like, ‘How did you do this for 10 years?’ And you know Michael, he just laughs and he’s just nonchalant as it gets, and then you know coming back we get DeMarco and we get an identity and a presence downhill running and it’s just totally sparked my love for the game again just feeling the success and knowing what it feels like to be great at the highest level and I think that’s so cool and shouldn’t be taken for granted,” he said.  

After the team’s first playoff win in 14 years, Lewan is their biggest insurance policy for the guy everyone hopes can take this team to the next level.  

While critics say Marcus Mariota still has something to prove, his blindside protector said he’s already proven it.  

“Marcus is a lot like myself. He’s very competitive with himself and he’s his biggest critic and so  I can leave that all up to him, but I have so much faith in him you know, I just really believe that he’s going to be a strong focal point for this team this year,” Lewan said.  

The Titans’ goal this year is the Super Bowl and Lewan was not shy talking about it. His $80 million contract aside, he’s just a football player enjoying the time of his life as long as he can.  

“I’ll never be on a stage like this again. This is a part of my life where it’s an in prime situation, you know I’m not saying how many years I have left or anything, but I want to play it as long as I love it and I tell you what man, I love this game, so I don’t know when I want to stop but I hope I have the ability to say goodbye before it says goodbye to me,” he said.  

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