NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Nashville is considered a mid-major market, but the recent growth spurt is impacting everything, including ticket prices.

The Tennessee Titans ranked 22nd in the NFL last season in average home attendance at just over 64 thousand per game. Tickets aren’t necessarily in high demand, according to Statista the price is on the rise. In 2018, a single ticket would cost you $78.17.

Planning on making it a trip for two? surveyed NFL teams and determined how much the average cost would be with tickets, parking, food and beverage. It adds up to be about $578 ranking the Titans the 6th most expensive NFL stadium. That ranks just under big markets like New England, Seattle and Houston.

While the NFL generates more money than any other professional sport, the Titans are not the hottest ticket in town. That would be the Nashville Predators. The recent success of the city’s NHL team is forcing fans to fork out the big bills.

According to Vividseats, based on a secondary price list in 2018-19, the Preds were the fifth most expensive ticket in the league. Only big market teams like Toronto and New York ranked higher.

And if you want to attend a playoff game at Bridgestone Arena, be prepared to pay. The median price in 2019 was $139.

So if you do the math: growth of a city + success of a team = paying a higher price. However, the Predators do have some less expensive options online. You can check out the Preds Golden Ticket, that gives you a variety of last-minute ticket offers that will vary by game. Sign up to receive text messages alerting you.

As for the Titans, the team continues to work on building back its fan base. They recently shared new season ticket plans, which include the Flex Five and Titan Town offers. For more on that, you can visit

If you aren’t will to spend a lot of money, you can still go watch a professional team at First Tennessee Park. The average price for a family under four, 60 dollars to go watch a Nashville Sounds game.

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