DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Martha Leanne Green case out of Dickson remains unsolved to this day.

“At this point in my career very little comes in about her because most people don’t know who she is,” said Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove. “It didn’t hit me emotionally going through all those years – I had small children. It hit me emotionally the night of my daughter’s prom.”

On the eve of her own prom, Green disappeared from Dickson County at just 17-years-old while Breedlove worked for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at that time.

“Usually most crime scenes start off with a body at a crime scene, process it, and then connect the evidence with the victim and all that,” Breedlove recalled.

That was not the case for the Dickson County High Schooler, who disappeared on the night of April 15th 1987.

“Her brother borrowed a car to take her to the prom,” said Breedlove. Investigators recreated the scene using the same Monte Carlo model Green was in.

Her twin brother, Lawson Green, picked her up from work as a greeter at the Holiday Inn off Highway 46 near I-40 in Dickson. Shortly after, the car ran out of gas a half-mile down the road. While waiting, the Puckett family pulled behind them to help.

“She’s standing there with her brother and in her last conversation she said ‘I’m scared.’ He’s standing there and says ‘well come on with me’ and she says ‘well, I’ll just stay here, just leave me the keys,” Breedlove explained.

When Lawson got back from getting gas with the Pucketts – just 9 minutes later, Leanne was gone.


“The Monte Carlo has tinted windows. He looks in; can’t see anything; so he goes around to the passenger side, opens the door, and Leanne’s not there. But, the purse and keys were there sitting in the seat,” said Breedlove.

The family called law enforcement around 10:00p.m. “By Monday, the media was really generating it,” he recalled. “We’re really putting it out there because we know something’s wrong. She has not just walked off there by herself. We’re pretty sure it’s a stranger abduction.”

Even though there were witnesses, followed by searches and identifying possible suspects over the years, detectives never found Green.

“Over 1,000 leads were run. Three suspected serial murders or rapists were confirmed on Highway 46 that night,” Breedlove said.

Green’s mother never found closure, and before she died got this final request from Breedlove:

“I said ‘Miss Green would you do something for me? Would you please come back to me, I don’t care if you haunt me in the middle of the night – just something I can go on so I can find her remains’. And we laughed about it. But it’s just one of those where if it goes unresolved I’m just hoping someone somewhere will find her remains,” Breedlove said, adding he doubted she was still alive.

“None of that was there that would cause her to all of a sudden stop and go with somebody and leave for good and leave everything that she has. That’s why the probability of her being alive is still, to me, very small – very very small.”

Still, he hoped someone, somewhere will bring a final answer about what happened to Martha Leanne Green.

“There’s always that glimmer of hope. And as time goes on, I don’t think you lose hope, but you just pray that an answer will come,” Breedlove added.

Martha Leanne Green was last seen wearing a white shirt, faded blue jeans, and white tennis shoes. Anyone with information can call the Dickson County Sheriffs Office or 1-800-TBI-FIND.

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