SRO helps raise money for trauma kits in every classroom at Lebanon school


Karen Golden has been learning a skill she never thought she’d need as a sixth-grade teacher– how to use a tourniquet to stop a wound from bleeding out. 

“I think it’s kind of scary that we’re having to learn this kind of training because we’re here to educate and teach them language arts,” said Golden, a teacher at Carroll-Oakland Elementary School. “But, that’s the reality of where we are.” 

It’s a reality Corporal Steve Jones, a school resource officer, wants teachers and staff at the school to be ready for. 

“If a mass shooting or something were to happen here, we can save lives with these kits,” Jones said. 

After recent school shootings across the country, Jones decided to put at least one kit in each classroom. 

To raise the money needed, he sent a letter to parents, asking for donations. 

“I raised over $4,000,” he said.   

It was enough money to buy 60 kits. 

Last year, the school only had about 10 kits for its 800 students. 

Along with being in every classroom, bleeding control kits will also be in the gym, cafeteria and any room where students may be in the building. 

“If you need one, you can just about go in any room and there’s going to be one,” Jones said. 

Inside each kit are enough tools for a teacher or staff member to give aid until paramedics show up, according to Jones. 

“You got scissors,” he said. “You got your trauma dressing.” 

“If anything was to happen, I think it’s important for us to have the resources we need to take care of a situation,” Golden said. 

It’s a situation some parents hope never happens but are glad the school is prepared for. 

“It’s nice to know that we’re teaching faculty and teachers here a little about how to do those treatments if needed,” said parent Mary Beth Stearman. “But, God forbid something happens at this school.”

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