Woman loses $10K in ‘missed court date’ scam

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WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Williamson County woman was scammed out of $10,000 after getting a call from someone who claimed to be a law enforcement officer and threatened to arrest her unless she paid a fine.

“They’re very aggressive with their tactics,” said Detective Lee Eaves with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. “They’re trying to put fear into the victim.”

Eaves says a 59-year-old woman got a call from someone claiming to be Sergeant Chris Mobley with the WCSO.

The scammer said she missed two court dates and instructed her to buy two $2,000 gift cards.

“There’s no way to retrieve that money or recall that money back,” Eaves said.

The victim sent the money. But soon after, she got another call saying one of the cards didn’t work.

“In doing that, [the scammer] convinced the victim to go out and buy another card,” the detective explained.

Now, with $6,000 gone, Eaves says the scammer didn’t stop demanding money.

“They called again with complicated court lingo about surety bonds,” he said.

The victim got yet another call that day asking for $4,000 for bond money, totaling $10,000 in prepaid cards, according to WCSO.

“She realized after doing some internet research that she might have been the victim of fraud,” Eaves said.

In May, scammers did the same thing. They used Sergeant Mobley’s name to extort people for jury duty, arrest warrants and missed court dates, which were all fraudulent.

“We’ve had several of our command staff’s names be used in these scams,” he said.

Eaves says law enforcement will never call to collect a fine.

“The court system will not contact them via phone,” he said. “They will not call. They will not text them. The best thing you can do is hang up.”

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