Scammer tries to use East Nashville home in rental scam

Scam Busters

Scammers are targeting people who just want an affordable place to live. 

The property, 1708 Litton Avenue in East Nashville, is fresh on the real estate market and now, its off of Craigslist.  

“If it sounds too good to be true, It probably is,” said Ryan Click, an affiliate broker for Bradford Real Estate. 

Ryan Click says his listing was put on Craigslist by a scammer. It was offered as a rental for $700 a month including utilities. 

“700 dollars in East Nashville will barely rent you a room, much less an entire home with all the utilities included,” said Click. 

Click says a woman who was interested in the Craigslist ad received an emailed response. The scammer told her to look through the windows if she wanted to see the interior. 

“Well first and foremost we wouldn’t send you out on your own, we want to be there…guiding you showing you the property,” Click stated. 

Click says the email even included a sob story about why there couldn’t be an in-person showing. 

“There’s a death in the family, talking about the process about why he’s doing it the way he’s doing, there was just way too much explaining going on — for someone who is not guilty yet.” 

Luckily, the woman caught the red flags. She Googled the home and realized it was up for sale, not rent, and contacted the real estate agency. 

“We’re grateful that this woman reached out to us allowing us to warn others that this listing is in fact, not for rent.” 

So never forget the old mantra, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

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