Scammer puts unusual spin on jury duty scam

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It’s an unusual twist on the jury duty scam, but this time the scammers did not demand money. 

The victim was a young woman in Montgomery County. 

She said the situation was so frightening, she chose not to share her name. She added that the scam could easily trick others because the scammer knew her name, phone number, and address. 

“He said he was from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and that they had a warrant out for my arrest because I missed jury duty.” 

The man, pretending to be a deputy, then told her he could help her out of the situation on one condition. 

“He wanted nude photos in exchange for paying my bail,” said the victim. 

She said that when the caller demanded photos, she called the police and a report was filed. 

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office says this isn’t the first time a crook has pretended to be one of them. 

“They can easily go on our website and they can pull names and phone numbers,”  said investigator Geoff Blanchard. 

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has used their social media to show people how scammers will call from the same area code as their office to try and trick victims. 

Blanchard added that they often ask for gift cards. 

“Green dot cards, Walmart cards, gift cards, the prepaid visas. Once you put that money and you load it on a card, it’s gone, and they get it – and you’re not going to get it back.” 

Blanchard said in this most recent case, usually, you’ll get a letter if you miss jury duty – not a call. 

He also added that “we will never demand money over the phone.” 

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said they hear from residents weekly about possible scammers; they said if you think you’ve been scammed or have any concerns or questions —  contact them. 

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