New online scam targets job applicants

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Cynthia Versch needed a job, so in January she started sending out her resume.  

“I filled out applications on the computer for everything,” Versch said. “Administration, clerical, customer service.”  

On Feb. 4, she got an email from someone who said they saw her resume on  

“It said ‘Congratulations,'” Versch said. 

The person claimed to be from Delta Scientific Corporation– a real company based out of California. She was told someone would reach out to her on Google Hangouts about an administrative job, paying $35 an hour.  

“I would be having an interview with a hiring manager,” she said.  

The next day, a man named Daniel John reached out through the app.  

“Went into a long thing about hiring and what I had to do,” she said.  

He told her she needed expensive software for the job and sent her a check for $4,650 to buy it.  

“Go deposit it right away, buy all this software, and keep $150 for yourself for a bonus,” Versch said.  

She said it didn’t seem right and took the check to the bank. 

“I went to my bank with it and she said ‘Oh no, that’s a scam. Go to the police.'” Versch said.  

Versch said police pointed out that the check and letter that came with it don’t have the company’s name written anywhere on it. 

“Some idiot is out there scamming people,” Versch said. “If they’re in my situation, it will destroy their life.”  

She didn’t fall for it this time. But, in 2013, she did. She lost about $2,000 in a different employment scam. 

“All my checks started bouncing because it hadn’t cleared,” she said.  

Versch is sharing her story to send a strong message to anyone who gets a similar check in the mail. 

“If it seems too good to be true, it is,” she said.

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