Clarksville police issue warning after new ‘red light’ scam targets drivers

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Clarksville police are warning the public about a new scam involving fake red-light camera citations.  

“This is fraud,” said Lieutenant Vincent Lewis, traffic unit commander for Clarksville Police Department. “This is illegal.”  

Clarksville police have gotten three reports in two days from people getting emails or calls from scammers about phony red-light citations.  

The emails use CPD’s name and state that the person receiving it has to pay the citation in 72 hours.  

“These phone calls, these emails,” Lewis said. “This is just an attempt to get into somebody’s wallet.”  

The fake citations give a date, time and an approximate location of the alleged violation, but Lewis says it also contains several red flags.  

“It doesn’t even identify the vehicle or the license plate,” Lewis said.  

The bogus citation also doesn’t have a contact phone number or a court date for drivers who want to fight the ticket.  

“It’s only seeking that you pay the citation,” Lewis said.  

Police have seven traffic enforcement cameras spread throughout the city in four different locations.  

Lewis says if you’re ever caught on one, police will never call or email you.  

“All of those are sent out by mail, we don’t contact anyone by email,” he said.  

Lewis says a real ticket will also have a photo of your car and give you at least 30 days to fight it.  

“Look for the citation number,” Lewis said. “Look for the photographs of your vehicle.”

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