NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) —  Prices at the pump have hit a record high this year, but driving is a necessity for many.

There’s no doubt your budget is forced to stretch more than ever before.

“It is really hard for most people just to handle all of their expenses, everything is more expensive. Your regular bills, paying for gas, paying for food. people are under a lot of pressure,” said Kimberly Palmer, personal finance expert for Nerdwallet.

Palmer said there are ways to save, and it starts with downloading an app that directs you to the lowest price.

“Even within one zip code, the prices vary a lot. So you want to be sure to use an app like Gas Buddy, or Waze and make sure you are going and getting that best price possible.” She continued, “It can also help to not wait until the last minute to refill your tank, as tempting as that is, just so you have more flexibility to go to that lower price gas station.”

Stretching a gallon of gas by making sure your car is running efficiently can also save. Palmer said make sure you have the right air pressure in your tires, your filters are changed, and take out items that add weight to your car.

“Then also if you can, combine trips. So think about if you can carpool if you can put all your errands into one day or one morning. So you’re doing them all at once and just driving less that can also help,” she said.

And, a less obvious cost cut comes from being a conscious consumer.

“A lot of people have their car insurance on auto-renew, and they forget to shop around,” she explained.

Palmer said take some time to comparison shop to get a better rate “because often you can save hundreds of dollars just by shopping around”

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