NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — For some businesses on 2nd Avenue, rebuilding will just take some time, but for others, will never re-open. Pride and Glory Tattoo is one of those businesses that had to find another location after the Christmas Day bombing destroyed the shop.

It’s been nearly a year since Pete Gibson’s life was turned upside down. On what was supposed to be a special Christmas morning, spent celebrating with his 8-month-old son, Beau, would turn unforgettable for an entirely different reason.

“It’s crazy because it’s really not real to think about, but I think about it every day,” said Gibson, the owner of Pride and Glory Tattoo. “Every time I’m in the shower, I just catch a moment to just breathe.”

Pride and Glory Tattoo was one of the hardest-hit places on 2nd Avenue, so bad, Gibson still hasn’t been able to go inside his old shop.

“I tried to get by down 2nd, like the normal way I would get to work,” remembered Gibson. “I just saw a couple police officers and one of them actually gave me a hug. I knew right away it was pretty bad, and I tried for hours to get through all different ways. No one knew anything, it was just a mess. The last time I went down to the shop was Christmas Eve.”

A few bricks and an old Titans jersey were the only things salvageable. But Gibson knew that wasn’t the end of Pride and Glory.

“It’s crazy because now that I think about it, I just think wow, I didn’t turn back one time. I never had the thought of not reopening,” said Gibson.

Gibson found a new home in SoBro on Representative John Lewis Way. It’s been open for almost eight months now, and although this spot isn’t historic like 2nd Avenue, Gibson did pay tribute to the old location with a mural.

“This view is the skyline right now, if you were walking out of the old shop’s front door and you took away the buildings right in front of the shop and the AT&T building, and this is the view we would see. So we made it with smoke and stuff coming up, kind of the city in this tattoo shop rising up from the smoke,” explained Gibson.

In addition to catching his breath when he thinks about what happened that day, he’s also reminded of the outpouring of support he received. “I think about that every day as well, it was just amazing — The community of Nashville, the people who live here and work down here, the police officers, everyone throughout the bomb, it was kind of overwhelming.”

That feeling is the spirit behind Pride and Glory, no matter where the building is.

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“There’s nothing stronger,” said Gibson. “Through this whole process, I have wrapped my arms around Nashville even more than I already have. Which I think is a testament to why all this happened, to come back to us, because I poured my heart out in Nashville and I’ll never stop doing that.”

Pride and Glory is located at 510 Rep. John Lewis Way S in Nashville. For more information, check out their website.