Parents search for answers nearly 2 years after son shot, killed on Ellington Parkway

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The moment a parent loses a child never leaves their consciousness. It’s replayed in the mind, again and again.   

“The night this happened he was on his way home from work,” Glenn Trent recalled.  

It was September 28, 2016.  

“The person that called in the wreck saw headlights in the trees,” Glenn said.  

It’s the last thing you expect to see along Ellington Parkway, but sometime between 12:45 a.m. and 2:45 a.m. Ryan Trent was killed.  

He was shot in the head, while behind the wheel. He lost control and crashed his truck near the Briley Parkway exit.  

“It’s awful, we just need justice for Ryan.”  

Glenn and Sharon Trent live in Knoxville. Ryan had been in Nashville for about a year, before his murder, but his mom talked to him just the day before, remembering he was in a great mood.  

“I told him to be careful,” Sharon Trent said. “He said, ‘I will mama. I love you.'”   

Since Ryan Trent was killed the how and subsequent why are the overwhelming questions.  

Originally, police thought Ryan was killed in a car accident. Investigators later learned he was shot by somebody driving by.   

Texts to his girlfriend that night showed nothing out of the ordinary. The week he died detectives worked four road rage cases, two ending in homicides, though road rage has not been labeled as the motive.    

“It’s been very difficult,” Glenn Trent said. “It’s very difficult to get back to work, live a normal life.”  

Ryan’s parents have tried, but they first want answers. The couple paid for a billboard along James Robertson Parkway and they’ve put up $11,000 of reward money.  

Nashville Crime Stoppers has pledged $1,000 more. Life for these parents will not move forward without an explanation.   

“Any information, no matter how small could lead to something very important in the case,” said Glenn Trent. “You know, even if we do get the person, it’s not going to solve our pain.”  

The pain could last a lifetime, the mystery shouldn’t have to.  

He was going about 55 mph, in two more miles Ryan Trent would have made his exit. Instead, his truck traveled about 1,000 feet, going airborne twice, before finally crashing.    

“Someone surely has a guilty conscience about this, if there’s a witness to this or the person that did it, please come forward,” Glenn Trent said. “We need justice for our son.”    

It would be justice and closure, for Trent’s memory, and a family’s future peace.  

Ryan Trent was engaged to be married. He loved the outdoors, hunting and fishing. He had a passion for motorcycles and was active at his church. His family said he was outspoken, he loved his family and he never met a stranger.   

Anyone with any information or tips about this case and the investigation should call Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME.  

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