NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — News 2 has gone retro.

Retro Nashville, takes you for a stroll down Music City memory lane, as well as explores some of Nashville’s most iconic landmarks.

Below you will find links to the first set of stories featured in the new digital series.

Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge: Nashville’s most famous honky-tonk

Retro Nashville: Tootsies
Nashville Retro Tootsies (Sebastian Posey, WKRN)

Amid the bright neon lights and bustling crowds on Nashville’s Broadway strip, one purple building tends to stand out from the rest.

100 Oaks: The evolution of one of Nashville’s oldest malls

Retro Nashville: 100 Oaks
Retro Nashville: 100 Oaks (Adobe Photos | Sebastian Posey, WKRN, modified)

One of Nashville’s oldest shopping areas has seen massive structural changes over its lifetime.

Music City: How Nashville got its famous nickname

Retro Nashville: Music City
Retro Nashville: Music City (Adobe Photos | Sebastian Posey, WKRN, modified)

Nashville has long been known as the Music City. From country and gospel to rock and rap music, artists and songwriters across the country have made their homes in Nashville, further cementing Nashville’s ties to the music industry. But where did the nickname come from?

‘Athens of the South’: How the Parthenon became an iconic part of Nashville

Retro Nashville: Parthenon
Retro Nashville: Parthenon (Adobe Photos | Sebastian Posey, WKRN, modified)

The Parthenon has been a staple of the Nashville experience for more than a century, often eliciting questions like “Why is this here?

Music City Mixtape: 12 places to explore Nashville’s musical history

Retro Nashville: Music City Mixtape
Retro Nashville: Music City Mixtape (Adobe Photos | Sebastian Posey, WKRN, modified)

Music City draws in hundreds of thousands of visitors every year with many of them looking to learn more about the city’s musical history.

Riding the nostalgia wave inside Opryland U.S.A.

Retro Nashville: Opryland
Retro Nashville: Opryland (Sebastian Posey, WKRN video, modified)

For many around Nashville, Opryland U.S.A. is the epitome of nostalgia for Tennesseans and other avid thrill seekers.