NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s the same story, just a different day.

Earlier this week on News 2, we told you about low-income families in Murfreesboro being pushed out of their homes. Well, it’s happening in Nashville, too — this time at The Pheonix Apartments in Wedgewood Houston, where one resident says she doesn’t have the resources or health to pack up and leave in just 30 days.

“I feel like the people around me are sick enough of turning on their TV and seeing people driven from their homes,” Dem Drolsum said, who currently rents an apartment at 415 Humpreys street.

The property is now under new ownership, which is giving Drolsum and others just 30 days to get out of the 11-unit complex.

“I’m going to stay with a friend it’s all I can do,” said Drolsum. “It’s so wrong.”

No matter what’s wrong or right, money talks.

“It’s profits above people, that’s the new Nashville,” said Robert Jackson, another renter.

Jackson admits it’s all due to location. With the new soccer stadium going in nearby, this property is a hot commodity.

“I think they’ll gut it and remodel for an Airbnb,” Jackson said.

News 2 asked the new owner about her future plans for the site, but she wanted to stay anonymous and off the record; however, she did openly accuse Drolsum of not paying rent and not having an up-to-date lease.

“I’ve been there for three years, paid my rent perfectly every single month,” Drolsum said.

Now, she’s left wondering who she will pay next and where. The apartments she’s looking at are twice the amount she’s paying now at $925 a month.

“It’s ridiculous, the same neighborhood I’m in same square footage there’s been these places built up around Humprey’s… and they’re charging $1,700, $1,800 for the same square footage I got. S,o I’m sure these people are going to come in and make a ton of money,” Drolsum said.

Drolsum says she isn’t asking for a handout, only asking for more time.

“I understand that’s the letter of the law, in this market, they couldn’t have given us 60 days?” Robert asked.

It’s a market that just keeps moving, forcing so many to move on.

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“I’m out of here. I’m good to go. I hope everybody else finds a place,” Jackson said.