NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A new year marks new beginnings and new opportunities for some changes inside your home — from the color of the walls to fun kitchen features.

“Home trends are a reflection of what’s happening in the outside world,” said Amanda Pendleton with Zillow.

Outside looking in, Pendleton said 2022 will be the year of cozy and sustainability, with homeowners investing in projects that make their home feel comfortable, calm, healthy and safe.

“We expect to see retreat spaces people want to see is retreat spaces people really want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated in our homes think of a meditation corner, reading nook, backyard gazebo or even a she-shed place you can really unwind at home,” said Pendleton.

When it comes to colors, Pendleton explained earth tones are big. Look for colors like pale blue, dark blue, greens, browns and off-white.

If you’re not into paint, that’s okay. Zillow claimed wallpaper is back in style with contemporary and geometric patterns

“Buyers are looking for homes that feel up to date and feel contemporary and they are willing to pay more for those features so sellers would be wise to embrace some of these home trends to appeal to today’s buyers,” said Pendleton.

Homes with host-friendly features, like a wine fridge or touchless faucet, can sell two days faster than expected, according to Zillow.

“We know homes that have certain features not only sell faster but they can sell for more money, and we know pandemic era buyers, in particular, are willing to pay a bit more for homes that have high-end kitchen features and spa-inspired bathroom features,” said Pendleton, adding that buyers can expect to pay at least 3% more for homes with certain features. “If you have a steam oven or cork countertops or dual fuel range, a free-standing bathtub, or heated floors in your bathroom, you definitely want to flaunt those features in your listing description because that’s what today’s buyers are looking for.”

Of the more than 200 features Zillow researched, steam ovens topped the 2021 list of home features that sell, with data showing homes with a steam oven sell for nearly 5% more than predicted.

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Lastly, Zillow found that people are designing their homes with their pets in mind. Research shows that homes with a doghouse often sold for more than expected last year.