CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Thirty years ago, Powell Road, off I-24 at exit 8, was a quaint mile-and-a-half road with five farms and 48 homes.

What once was, is no longer.

Pamela Klomfas says the last 16 years have been nothing but building for 7 days a week, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

“How much more can this area take,” Klomfas asked.

Fast forward 30 years — there are now two farms on Powell Road with four subdivisions and another on the way. 

Developers have submitted plans for a 903-home subdivision (the maximum yield it can get under the current zoning) on 366 acres dubbed “Ross Farms.”

Klomfas says there’s too much development and not enough infrastructure to offset the increasing number of cars.

Former County Commissioner Jason Knight agreed but said there’s also a serious need for more homes.

“Growth is inevitable,” Knight said. “It’s happening because people are coming here and that’s what makes our city one of the greatest cities to live in. We have the opportunity to use land to develop homes and provide homes for people moving here.”

Klomfas said she gets growth and she’s not against it but thinks the city government is being a bit irresponsible, placing the cart before the horse and creating an undesirable living experience for those who live there.

“We need to communicate with the community members here who live here, who reside here, who spend tax dollars here to figure out what they need, what’s good for them, what’s good for the developers and come to a consensus that’s essentially what we need,” Knight said.

Jeff Tyndall, AICP Director for the Clarksville Montgomery County Regional Planning Commission, said they are still working with the Clarksville Street Department, the applicant and engineer, on the final road network.

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The RPC meeting is next Tuesday, Jan. 25 at p.m., at the Planning Commission on Main Street. They encourage emails or phone calls in lieu of public comments for those who are more comfortable with that.