MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – The rolling hills of Maury County could soon be home to 1,400 new homes and counting.

An out-of-town developer from Florida is hoping to build Columbia Bluffs on about 400 acres between Bear Creek Pike and Iron Bridge Road, with 800 single family homes, 300 townhomes and 300 apartments, a four-acre commercial site and community amenities, including two pools.

Residents who live in the area fear the infrastructure can’t keep up with the growth.

“We need to build the foundation before we build the house said,” said Jerry Strahan, who lives nearby. “We’re not against the growth. We need controlled growth.”

Strahan and others are now begging the question: Are there adequate schools, roads and water supply to support a 1,400-home neighborhood?

Bob Graham says no.

“They’re moving too fast without doing the property studies and getting the infrastructure prepared. They should have learned their lesson with Spring Hill,” Graham said.

City documents show most services are in place to support the rezoning request and development, however, the City of Columbia Wastewater System indicated that the subject site is located in a concerning area, writing that upgrades to the wastewater system may be necessary to support development on this site and other properties in the area.

Columbia mayor Chaz Molder sent News 2 this statement:

“I am aware of the proposed development, Columbia Bluffs off Bear Creek, and like any development we’ve seen over the last several years, I am also aware of the concerns being expressed by those in opposition to this development.

“The Planning Commission, and City Council, if it gets to that point, will review the proposal and make a determination based upon several factors as outlined within the city’s zoning ordinance.

“A community is either growing, or it is dying. I think everyone agrees that it’s better to be a growing community, even if we might not share the same opinions regarding what that growth should look like. That’s the beauty of the process and I’ll look forward to the process playing out.”

News 2 did reach out to the developer and as of news time did not hear back.

The Columbia Planning Commission met Tuesday at 4:00 to consider the rezoning and annexation of the property. On Wednesday evening, it was announced the item on the agenda was deferred.