NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A proposed project looking to bring more apartment units, greenspace and other public amenities could be coming to Bellevue.

But not everyone who lives there is in favor of this project.

“Bellevue’s community plan strikes a balance between agricultural preservation and suburban growth,” said Jim Rossi. “It’s part of the character of the community.”

Rossi is passionate about the Bellevue community that he lives in, but just up the road from his home off Coley Davis Road is a proposed 44 acre site he believes could change things.

“We are opening up a Pandora’s box that basically project by project allows us to change the Bellevue community plan anytime a developer see’s an opportunity on an open space or a piece of agricultural land,” he said. “There’s a lot of that land.”

Rossi says a year ago he began hearing about Ariza Bellevue. The proposed project would preserve greenspace, expand greenways and bring a 417 unit apartment complex to the area.

Rossi’s worried about the traffic this project could bring as well as flooding, as the project is situated near the Harpeth River.

“Yeah, I’m worried about the cumulative impacts on flooding, especially given the bend here and how that bend plays a crucial flood control role in the management of the Harpeth,” he said.

Michael Novelli and Alan Thompson are part of Arazia Bellevue’s development team and says they’ve been working to make sure their site follows the 100-year flood plan.

“There is a long linear portion of it that runs north, south that is above that 100-year flood plan and that’s where the development would occur,” said Thompson.

“The site that we would be building on would appropriately detain that water as well as filter that water to make sure it’s cleaned up before it goes back into the waterways and such,” said Novelli.

They say they’ve conducted a traffic study and gathered info from TDOT about the area.

“What we have found is Coley Davis currently at the time is fully being utilized, and even the additional traffic we would be adding would not push it over its capacity that it could appropriately accommodate,” said Thompson.

Zoning has to be approved before this project can move forward, but Rossi hopes he and other residents can have more input before a decision is made.

“The significant thing here is that our community is committed to a set of values, and we ought to think long term and build infrastructure to support those values,” he said.

On Thursday, July 7, the city of Nashville will be holding a virtual meeting to discuss changes to the Bellevue community plan, explain more on the Arazia Bellevue project and hear feedback from residents.

You can find more info and how to log in to view the meeting here.