NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Growth is all around in Davidson County, and Donelson is no exception.

It was recently announced that Nashville’s oldest bowling alley and icon of the Donelson neighborhood, Donelson Bowl, will be replaced with a 154-unit development.

Jenny White, president of the Lincoya Hills Neighborhood Association, has lived in Donelson for more than 20 years after moving to the area for the neighborhoods and ranch-style homes. Over the years, White has watched Donelson grow and change.

“I know it can be a struggle for someone who likes the old ways, but (the growth) really gives more people a chance to experience Donelson,” White said.

“With the purchase of the Donelson bowling alley, the face of this stretch of Donelson Pike will change, but in my mind the really cool thing is they’re keeping the Donelson Bowl sign, which most people, if they know of Donelson Bowling Center, they know that sign,” White added.

All the development in Donelson is intentional, according to Metro Councilman Jeff Syracuse.

Syracuse told News 2 Metro Council approved a plan on how to approach growth in Donelson around 15 years ago, called the Downtown Donelson Urban Design Overlay.

He added the Music City Star rail station in Donelson makes the area ideal for development and growth.

“People certainly talk about traffic and density and can our roads handle it, but remember the vision was to put the density around a transit hub that, hopefully, at one time when the star is going to run more often that maybe folks don’t have to have a car for everyday use,” Syracuse said. “That’s indicative of how we need to grow across the county.”

“We have that nuance of balance between preserving our single-family neighborhoods that I live in and I work to preserve, but you also have the ability to grow, adapt, and change to meet the needs not just of Nashville and Davidson County, but really regionally as we continue to grow,” Syracuse continued.

He told News 2 the developers taking over the Donelson Bowl property do not have to request to rezone the land in order to build the apartment complex. In addition, the owners of Donelson Bowl carefully selected the developer, the Pizzuti Companies, which will pay homage to the bowling alley by keeping up the iconic Donelson Bowl sign.

The new apartment complex is expected to open in 2025.