HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A growing city in Middle Tennessee is slated to receive a brand-new fire station in the near future with hopes that it will improve emergency response. 

Located on Drakes Creek Road, the fire station is expected to be the first station on the north side of Vietnam Veterans Boulevard. According to Alderman Eddie Roberson, the north side of the 386 area in Hendersonville is where the majority of growth is happening in the city, so to him, the new build was much needed. 

“About two years ago I was home and I needed emergency services, I was very critical,” said Alderman Roberson. “If it hadn’t been for the response from the first responders, I may not be here today I may not be an alderman. So from a personal standpoint, it means a lot to me, a quick response time, because in a medical emergency minutes means life.” 

The new station will be known as Fire Station 7 and comes with a price tag of $5.7 million. Alderman Jones said inflation caused the final cost to be about $800,000 more than what was originally set aside for the new building. 

Michelle Rager, a Hendersonville resident since 2014, said the increase in population means residents are in need of additional resources. 

“Well, they’re building houses everywhere and especially right here in this immediate area and there’s just new builds all over the place so having more kids, more families, and more people means needing more resources,” said Rager. 

The Hendersonville Fire Department currently services 50,000 people within city limits from six fire stations. The groundbreaking of the seventh station is still to be determined.