NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Oracle, Dell, Amazon, Facebook. There’s no shortage of big-name brands calling the Nashville area home. Add Iron Galaxy Studios, LLC to the list — announcing Wednesday an investment of $950,000 to establish a new video game development studio.

“We did a nationwide search to figure out where we wanted to go and Nashville popped off the chart for us for a couple of different reasons,” founder David Lang explained. “One is, it’s kind of an existing tech hub already. We believe like the core of the talent we need is already in place to make it a thriving studio.”

The company will bring more than 100 new tech jobs over the next five years.

“It is a highly specialized field, so we’re talking about high-end salaries that will be coming to Nashville,” Lang said.

While the news of more jobs excites Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President Yuri Cunza, he said the city must prioritize filling those positions with current residents.

“Do not underestimate the opportunities, and the communities that are already here, which need to be benefiting first from this prosperity that we’re all bragging about,” Cunza said.

That starts, he says, by preparing the minority workforce that is underrepresented in the tech world.
The chamber is doing its part recently offering a 15-week digital empowerment course for Latin entrepreneurs teaching skills to make them more marketable.

“We are not born knowing,” Cunza says, “We learn everything.”

This is also why local colleges and universities are part of the conversation and a major draw for tech companies.

“Some actually have game production programs already in place and we definitely want to work with them to tailor those to exactly what we’re looking for,” Lang said, “just to get people, you know, ready to kind of step into our shoes on day one when they graduate.”

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It’s a booming industry benefiting everyone, Cunza says, if we focus on building the local workforce first.