NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — An apartment complex in Nashville will soon help house veterans without a home. A national nonprofit called Community Solutions saw an opportunity to help some of them with a new project at the Glastonbury Apartments.

“Nashville is not different than other large cities in the housing market. We have a housing crisis, it’s very expensive for people to live,” said Nadine Maleh, the Housing Systems Director for Community Solutions. “So this specifically is maintaining affordable housing for all the people in that building.”

Community Solutions purchased the building at 644 Glastonbury Road in Nashville, which has 144 units total. Eventually, 72 of the apartments will house veterans and the other half will be home to middle-income individuals.

The sale of the property will allow the current tenants to remain, but when they move out, veterans will move in.

This is all part of a nationwide project called “Built for Zero,” where the goal is to create a lasting end to homelessness. The first step towards that is to identify veterans in need by name. As of August, there were 173 veterans listed.

“Over 100 of those veterans have some sort of housing subsidy to allow them to get housing, but they have nowhere to use those subsidies,” said Maleh. “So it is also a crisis as far as access to housing. Hopefully, this is the beginning of getting more people housed in Nashville.”

The apartments are located off Briley Parkway and this location was chosen because of it’s proximity to public transportation, the airport and especially the VA.

While this one project won’t solve the housing crisis for homeless veterans, it is a step in the right direction to having all our American heroes with a place to call home.

Community Solutions representatives said if you are interested in learning more about the Glastonbury Apartments, reach out to Veterans Affairs.