MT. JULIET, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s the unfortunate price neighbors are paying in Mt. Juliet with more and more development coming to the area.

“I mean, what do we do? I mean it’s going to come to a point where it makes you not want to live here,” Joe Wood said. 

On Monday night, residents on Saundersville Road will express frustrations as a new neighborhood could be built in their backyards.   

“We every morning sit out in the backyard so we can see the deer. We watched the babies be born out here,” Wood said.  

However, Wood said the wooded area behind his backyard could soon be replaced with a neighborhood making up 45 homes.    

“We have rock on top of rock on top of rock, and there is no way they can do anything of this without massive dynamite, and no one wants to talk about they are going to landlock three houses,” Wood said. 

He said the proposed map has their driveway eliminated and their home landlocked. It’s a concern he said he’s brought up with Commissioner Ray Justice. 

“With all the growth that is coming into Mt. Juliet, it is in my district and District 2. I’ve personally would like to see one-acre lots minimum, but unfortunately we haven’t gotten the zoning to meet that yet,” Justice said.  

Meanwhile, neighbors are also expressing concerns on the opposite side of town as an additional 308 apartment units are proposed at the providence central mixed-used development area.  

“And that’s not acceptable to me. Those people need a break. People in Wilson County, Mt. Juliet need a break. Time to take a breath and do some real planning,” Justice said.

“Our goal is to live here the rest of our lives, and it’s just so, one scary, and so disappointing and disheartening to be changed,” Wood said.  

The Woods told News 2 they plan to voice all of those concerns Monday night along with other neighbors.