NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A local brokerage is revolutionizing how Nashville homes are bought and sold.

The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage is the first in Nashville to partner with Doorsey, an online platform that allows sellers to watch in real time as qualified offers come in, while buyers immediately see what it takes to make a winning bid.

Essentially, it’s the Ebay of home buying.

“Your markets been crazy, so sometimes you deal with 20-30 all these contracts coming in. You got to sit with an agent, the agent is going to point out benefits, the pluses and minus’ so in this case, everything is a level playing field. The only difference is the price,” said Gary Ashton, broker and owner of The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage.

According to Ashton, Doorsey improves the homebuying and selling process. His team partnered with the platform in the first place because he says it combines efficiency with transparency.

“You’re online, you can do things in minutes now rather than submit something, wait to get everybody’s contracts together, have a deadline,” Ashton said.

Doorsey incorporates conventional elements like showings, third-party inspections and disclosures with an online bidding process that allows potential buyers and agents to view competing offers in real-time, to know exactly where they stand and what it will take to win.

It takes away the headache of holding your breath and rolling the dice.

“It’s slow for the first hour or so, everyone watching, you have all these registered bidders, everybody has submitted their paperwork to make sure everyone is approved,” Ashton said. “All you really need is two motivated buyers, and they start battling against each other.

Sellers set their minimum price to protect their bottom line and no longer have to sift through multiple offers.

Ashton says it’s the future of real estate and overall, a win-win.

“We always like to be in the front of new ideas and technology, especially when it benefits the sellers and the buyer, and it’s good for the realtors involved in this and it makes things a lot easier,” Ashton said. “If you bid in cash, great. If you’re working with a realtor and you’ve got your mortgage and you’re approved, fantastic. Everyone is on a leveled playing field.”