LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) – New life continues to be breathed into what was once a reminder of loss in the city of Lebanon.

The old Toshiba factory is now at full capacity with a new capstone company.

The transformation started about a decade ago when a man named Jeff Peterson moved the company Novamet Specialty Products from New Jersey to Lebanon.

“Novamet started off as a company that was making products that help in refining petroleum and cleaning up emissions in vehicles; some of the products we make are still used in that, but we’ve transitioned over the years to be involved in battery materials, being involved in fuel cells, being involved in electronics that govern and control engines and such. So our products go all over the world,” Peterson said.

Peterson’s dram was to turn the near 500,000 square foot space into a technology hub in Lebanon. Turns out, dreams come true.

“Somebody told me there was this huge complex sitting out here that Toshiba used to build TVs and microwaves in, and it was an enormous building at 500,000 feet and we only needed 20 percent of that,” Peterson said.

The city encouraged Peterson to develop it, and that he did.

Eight years later, the massive complex on Toshiba Drive now houses several companies – Tennessee Cheesecake, Specialty Motors, May Trucking Company and more.

Their latest tenant, Tritium, is the talk of the town.

“Tritium was a capstone of the companies that joined us here. We called this the Novamet tech center for a reason; this was to be a technology hub and Tritium, like Novamet, is helping to feed the green generation of products that are coming in to help our planet,” Peterson said.

The Austrailian company will soon produce electric vehicle chargers in Lebanon. They’re currently developing their space for their advanced factory.

“This is the future and people want to be a part of it,” Peterson said.

It’s a full circle moment.

In less than 10 years, the Toshiba Plant went from a forgotten factory to a technology hub that’s bringing jobs, supply chains and clean energy.

“Between the various tenants we have now, Novamet tech center [supports] 300 to 400 jobs. When Tritium comes and gets going with manufacturing and production, which they’re supposed to do this summer, they’re going to be up to 500. So this building will be back to providing for 1,000 families, and that makes me feel good,” Peterson said.

Production at Tritium’s Lebanon facility is set to start in Quarter 3 of 2022.