NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The corner of Shelby Avenue and South 4th Street will soon feature a step forward toward affordable housing.

Metro Councilmember Brett Withers says the redevelopment project will help maintain affordability along a quickly-changing and gentrifying corridor in East Nashville.

Shelby House is set to tackle both Nashville’s affordable housing crisis and addiction recovery efforts.

Local nonprofit Samaritan Recovery Community has partnered with Holladay Ventures and Evergreen Real Estate to create Shelby House, a redevelopment project consisting of 484 affordable housing units, including a 71,000 square-foot recovery services center for the nonprofit.

Courtesy: Nashville Now Next

Shelby House is located in East Nashville where Samaritan Recovery Community has operated for more than 50 years and has mainly served indigent, homeless and unemployed individuals through substance abuse recovery services.

“We know how valuable this site is serving as a gateway to East Nashville,”said Todd Friedenberg, board chair of Samaritan Recovery Community. “Having so much history on this site we wanted to stay and help create something our community and neighbors could be proud of.”

Shelby House will provide 132 beds for Samaritan Recovery Community’s rehabilitation services in addition to 484 new affordable apartments over two phases. Phase 1 will be reserved for families earning anywhere from 20% area median income (AMI) up to 80% AMI.

Samaritan Recovery Community’s program graduates will have first access to these units when possible.

“Since taking office, we invested in over $100 million in affordable housing,” Mayor John Cooper said earlier in the week. “Now that contrast of what had been $10 million before commitment in the past.”

Courtesy: Nashville Now Next