NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Ariza Bellevue is a project that’s causing a lot of commotion in the Bellevue area.

In July, News 2 shared concerns from residents nearby that opposed the project.

The proposed project would preserve greenspace, expand greenways and bring a 417-unit apartment complex to the area.

“I can’t say I’m for or against it at this point,” said Councilwoman Gloria Hausser. “I think we are still evaluating, and I want everybody to know this is still the early stages.”

Hausser represents District 22, the area where part of this development will be located.  

“My people are the ones that are concerned about water, flooding, traffic,” she said. “Those are the things I hear over and over, what are you going to do about that.”

Hausser says she’s been talking to the developers and hearing from residents and won’t make a final decision until every detail is ironed out.

“We need to get facts,” she said. “We need to know exactly what NDOT says about traffic patterns, what is the safe way of doing each step of this? How’s it going to impact everybody? We need to know that and then healthy decisions can be made for all of us.”

Dave Rosenburg has also been hearing from many of his residents.

“The support generally surrounds housing and the greenway completion,” he said. “The opposition is talking about traffic and flooding.”

Rosenberg represents District 35 where the proposed apartment units would take place.

“We need to know that it’s best for the Bellevue community,” he said. “That it won’t have a negative impact on the folks that are nearby.”

Like Hausser, Rosenberg says he hasn’t made a final decision on the project.

“At this point, I’m trying to facilitate conversation, and make sure people have accurate information,” he said.

This project has a long way to go before a final decision is made, but both councilmembers are encouraging residents to stay on top of things before that day comes.

“I would urge everybody to stay engaged,” said Hausser. “You need to be engaged. This is important. This is important to all of us.”

Hausser has set up a meeting for residents in District 22 to come out and speak directly with the developer and engineering firm behind the project.

The meeting will take place Thursday, August 11, at the Bellevue Community Center, and will start at 6 p.m.

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Rosenburg says he also plans to speak with developers and hold a meeting for residents in his district soon.