NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — One of the busiest and most well-known streets in Nashville, West End Avenue, is getting a new look — from small-town shops to towering high-rises.

On Friday, the iconic pink walls of Emma’s Flowers & Gifts were torn down.

“I’m a Nashvillian and it’s becoming heartbreaking,” said resident Mary Marie Nevels. “They’re getting rid of all the landmarks.”

Community members visited the demolition site to take home what they said are pieces of history: the pink bricks.

“My parents met at Emma’s in 1972. My dad was the delivery guy and [my mom] was the florist behind the counter,” said Nashville Resident Mandy Murray. “It’s just really sad that they’re tearing it down though. My dad passed away about six months ago, so, it’s where they met, it’s special, so I had to come get one.”

As these buildings come down, some big plans are in the works for West End, including a 27-story high-rise — “The Sinclair” — at 2416 West End Avenue. It includes 375 units, retail and restaurant space.

“I wonder if the infrastructure can support all of that,” said Nashville Resident Patrick Monahan. “You’ve got sewer, water, plumbing, electrical. Can it support all of that? I don’t know.”

The Sinclair project was greenlit in December 2021.

Nevels said she’s concerned the high-rises will change the culture of her community.

“We have our own culture. We don’t need to be like LA. We don’t need to be like New York. Nashville is its own style, its own community, and people are coming here for that, but we’re tearing down these beautiful historical buildings,” said Nevels. “We’re Southerners! We’ve got heart and soul! I mean, that’s why you’re coming here.”

She said she hopes a balance could be found, between maintaining the area’s history and supporting visitation and growth.

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News 2 reached out to The Sinclair’s developers and District 21 Council Member Brandon Taylor for comment but did not hear back by the time of publication.