NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — South Nashville is looking mighty different these days.

“The way we see it out in this part of the county is there’s a lot of traffic,” said Anthony Coon.

Traffic is something Coon didn’t account for when he first moved to the area five years ago.

“I was looking for an area of town that was much more affordable,” he said.

Affordability is what led him to Antioch, but now the area is growing faster than he anticipated.

“We see growth,” he said. “We see too many apartments. We always rail against that because we have more than enough as it is.”

So on Tuesday, night he went to Antioch High School to discuss his concerns.

“I wanted to see how receptive they would be and what their plans are (and) what’s been done,” said Coon.

Nashville Vice Mayor Jim Shulman hosted the community meeting to hear from residents like Coon about the growth.

“We got a lot of questions from people saying, ‘Do something about the development; it’s just too much,'” he said. “It’s overdevelopment.”

For three hours, Shulman, council members, and other city leaders heard concerns about transit, roads, and whether the area has the infrastructure to keep up with demand.

“What’s happening down here and what do we need to do to kind of get in front of it all and make sure that keeps the southeast area the area it wants to be,” said Shulman.

“I think that we did get heard,” said Coon.

Coon is walking away from the meeting optimistic, because after years of talks, he thinks this some action could be coming soon this time.

“I think we can finally start turning a corner and to start getting Antioch into a much more desirable place than what it’s been known for over the past many years,” he said.

Shulman said they will take all the information gathered from Tuesday night and put it into a spreadsheet.

He said he hopes to continue having more meetings like this in the southeast area. He also said he’s open to having similar meetings in other areas of Davidson County if residents of other areas want them.